• · The central project ILCSL (Intrigrated Low Cost Sanitary Latrine) is implemented in the Municipal area under that project BPL families get toilet .
  • ·  Area development is achieve under the IHSDP (Intrigrated Housing and Slum Development Project).

                 Number of House-500

                 Road                    -16 km c.c                               

                 Surface Drain     -8 km

                 Community Sevakendra-10

                 Vat for waste collection-17

                 Electric Pole                   - 152   

  • ·  Urben Self Employment Programme(U.S.E.P)

                Thrift and Credit Socities

                Total number of thrift and credit socities formed-289

                Total number of beneficiaries-4641

                Total amount of thrift collected-4190190

                Total amount of loan availed from group savings-7036000

                Total amount of revolving fund received-5572000

                Number of persons availed revolving fund-11886

                Amount of loan  availed from revolving fund-16984600

                Amount of revolving fund recovered-16416860 

                Percent of payment-96.38

  • ·   DWCUA

Total number of beneficiaries-78

Number of DWCUA grouped formed-7000

Number of DWCUA loan application forwarded to banks-6000

Number of DWCUA loan sanctioned by banks-one

Amount of DWCUA subsidy received from Suda-one

Amount of loan disburssed by banks-2.14.500

Percent of srepayment(total recovery/total demandx100)-89.51

  • ·  USEP

                Total number of applications forwarded to banks-528

                Total number of application sanctined by banks-424

                Total subsidy received from Suda number of cases disbursed by-2746850

                Total number of cases of loan disbursed by banks-424

                Total amount of loan disbursed by banks-12370580

                Total number of application rejected by banks-74

                 Number of applications pending by banks-0

  • ·   SWM(Solide Waste Mission)

                 Solide waste i.e garbage are collected from every house of municipal area.

                 Number of ward-17

                 Total number of house-

  •     SWM Strength-

                  Door to door garbage collection van-17

                  Tri cycle garbage collection van-17


                  Damping Ground-1



  • ·      Availability of door to door pipe water connection at 812 house at Municipal area 2012.976 hand tube well in Municipal area and 2 drinking water tank.
  • ·      Online computarized SC/ST certificates are issued from caste department from 01/03/2012.Total number of certificates issued-1389.
  • ·      Computarized birth and death certificates under e governance project are provide from Birth and Death department 1st April 2013.

                   Total number of issued birth certificates-54.

                   Total number of issued death certificates-289

                   Total number of issued cremation certificates-594

  • ·      ULB implemented Central and State Government social scheme.To name a few of them

                   IGNOAPS(India Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme).

                   IGNWPS(Indira Gandhi National Widow Pension Scheme).

                   IGNDPS(Indira Gandhi National Disable Person Scheme).

                   Under the project NSAP(National Social Assistance Programme).

  • ·      ULB also implemented the the Central Project  National Family Benefit Scheme .
  • ·      Gobardanga Municipality Health department achieve all the government programmes.To name a few of them

                   National Anti Malaria Programme.

                   National Leprosy Elimination Programme.

                   Natonal AIDS Control Programme and Blood Safety.

                   Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme(RNTCP).

                   Dirrhoeal and Entric disease control etc.

                   ULB also arranged different types of medical camp.To name a few of them

                   Dengu awarness camp.

                   Immunization camp and BPL families also provide medicine at free of cost.

                   Information Education and communication(IEC)camp in schools,health centres and wards.

                   Medical camps in girl’s school for Hb checkup.

                  IMA(Indian Medical Assocoation) of Gobardanga branch and Municipal health department organize medical camp on 1st July in every year.

 Welcome to Gobardanga Municipality