As  Municipality is considered local government  in the urban areas and it is under the aegis of the of the West Bengal Municipal Act,1993;the role of the ULB in the area of Public Health has primarily been that of implementing Central and State Government Health programs in the Municipal area.In addition ,there are other health services,which the ULB provides,under the aegis of the West Bengal municipal Act 1993.These services include preventive measures for checking the spread of dangerous disease(vector control),providing immunisation including public vaccination and inoculation,registering an event of birth and death,construction,ambulance services,issue of food licence,to name a few .Apart from this,there are other Central and State Government.Health schemes that are implemented by the ULBs.To name a few of them.

National Anti Malaria Program.

National Leprosy Elimination Program.

National  AIDS Control Program and Blood Safety.

Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program(RNTCP) and Dirrhoel and Entric Disease Control etc.





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